Pre-trip Report

March 25, 2012
60 Days & Counting!
I am starting this blog now because as we are almost 60 days away from our trip and I find that I don't have much planning left to do. We rented a house...nothing to do but send the check, the plane tickets are bought, the rental car is reserved. I've read the guide book...cover to cover, read posts on the TA forums,  picked our main activities, divided the island into sections and listed the places we want to go. I've done some shopping for "Hawaii" clothes, not that they differ much from San Diego clothes, I found the weatherproof camera we want & put it on my Amazon wishlist. So I have pretty much run out of things to do. I guess for now I will just be content to read TA forums to get more ideas & tips.

Counting the days,

March 26, 2012
4th Flight Change
On Feb. 8th I booked our plane tickets for our trip, San Diego CA, to Lihue, Kauai. It included a 6 1/2hr layover in Maui, but I couldn't pass on the cost and figured we could find something to keep us occupied..  After a  quick check with the TA Maui forms we decided to rent a cheap compact car for $40 and find enough that was close by to pass the time. A couple of weeks later we received an update that our flights had changed and we now only had a 3hr layover. I cancelled the rental car and decided that 3 hours wasn't enough to justify going anywhere; a few days later another change....we are now down to 1 1/2hrs between flights. I was looking forward to a little Maui time, but oh well. Today I received another first thought was what else could they possibly change, hoping the flight wasn't cancelled all together. Nope, now they are playing with our flight home. It was from Lihue to LAX and then to San Diego. As of today we are currently scheduled to leave Lihue at 1:00pm, but they delayed our flight from LAX by about 20 mins. We don't arrive in San Diego until 11:56pm, sounds like we are in for a long day. But after a week and half in paradise it's definitely worth it.

April 2, 2012
5th Flight Change
Today's email changes our departure time from Kauai by 15 minutes. Nothing major, but it sure makes it hard to figure out times for a rental car. So far I have only "reserved" rental cars from 2 different places. I definitely don't want to pay in advance because we still have 2 months to go and I'm sure there are more changes to come.

April 5, 2012
Keybox code received
I received an email today from the rental company that we are renting our Poipu house from that had the driving directions from the airport & the key code for the lockbox. 56 days & counting!!!

May 3, 2012
Less than 30 days!!
This week I booked our Captain Andy's Southern Star Sunset Dinner Cruise. I also found a great deal on a rental car. I've had 2 cars reserved, the 1st one was through Discount Hawaii Car Rental for a full size car for $393, the other one was through AAA for $400.  Through TA I discovered a code for Budget, and they had an intermediate SUV for a $400. After asking hubby if the thought we should get a full size car (Ford Taurus) or the SUV (Ford Escape), he said SUV. I had been hearing a lot about Costco travel but every time I checked the rates they were over $500 for either car.  A few days ago I decided to check again. They had the SUV for $229 total, including tax. I thought it was a mistake, thought I must of entered wrong days or pickup times, but everything was correct. I reserved it & cancelled everything else.